Sweet, Sour & Saucy Plot Summary

Barbara and Barry run their talkback radio show, Sweet, Sour & Saucy, on 2111-EAD from their loungeroom giving love advice to those "less fortunate" souls who suffer love woes. B&B respond in their own quirky styles, drawing on their own relationship together and finally finding the perfect song to respond to the agony of the caller. The problem is that the calls just aren't coming in thick and fast these days and sometimes Barbara and Barry have to, well, to keep the show going they might just add in a little extra themselves, feigning different voices and posing as callers. They field tricky questions about love including a call from 'David' a surprised misogynist fretting that his new wife doesn't like to cook or clean, a letter from 'Becky' who is sweet16 and never-been-kissed and even 'Phyllis' a regular caller who this week is in a hot flush over her tango instructor. The ensuing chaos cracks open B&B's relationship and the audience realises that they might just be running this radio show to solve their own love issues!

The second part of the show sees B&B arrive in a community from whom they have received "a number of disturbing letters and calls" and feel that they need to help with an "in person" therapy session. Here's the fun bit of the night where these two crazy characters get into the audience, identifying love woes and improvising solutions. The shenanigans climax with a live recommitment ceremony where Reverend Barbara re-marries a deserving couple.